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Posted: September 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK, obviously I decided to join the likes of Lowetide, Copperandblue, among others in the blogosphere.  Am I looking for some sort of feedback as to why, what, and so on?  Well, I a like a decent debate, learn from other’s point of view, and this seems like a great way to get into a different type of discuss.  Something more unabashed than one might find in other places.

It was several months ago that Eklund offered me a blog on his site.  I thought it might be a good idea, and although many would be appalled to find a first blog about “the anonymous hockey blogger”, I am sure the amount of blogs that have occurred in the hockey genre were directly influenced by the Ek himself.

I am one of few that have met him.  We had lunch at some italian place in a Philadelphia suburb.  Unassuming area, I got the feeling that he lived nearby because it sure seemed out of the way.

At the time I was writing for and as one of the people that questioned everything he said and did, my goal was to see for myself, who was this guy.  Well, he wasn’t what I suspected.  And he wasn’t a big scam artist from what I could tell.  Mostly he seemed like a hockey fan that had a good idea and tried to follow it through.  He offered me a “job” writing for

At the time, I decided to take a pass, mostly because of the disingenuous way that he got started.  He told stories that were hard to take seriously, people tried to expose him as a fraud, and his whole enterprise reeked of challenges. (I actually asked him at lunch why he doesn’t proof read his work better.)

I didn’t think that the association was suited to me, although regardless of what anyone says, he has insider information, and some really good information.  He emailed me an insider document that I am sure could get someone in a whole lot of trouble at some point.  (Think the NHLPA fiasco)  So those who really think they know him, probably don’t anywhere near as well as they think they do.

Do I think he makes up or plagarizes (Rick Hammond?) information?  Well, let me just say he either is unethical or has very bad judgement.

But, with that, blogs about hockey are about as commonplace as articles on hockey in your local newspaper.  Right or wrong, Eklund revolutionized blogging for hockey getting mainstream media to post regularly on his site.  In some strange way some might want to thank him for the flood of information and writers that now take part in blogging because of what he started.

What this means for me is a way to talk/rant/discuss hockey in a new and exciting way….I look forward to it.



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