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Posted: September 15, 2008 in Uncategorized
Love those uniforms

Love those uniforms

With the Oilers prospect camp and other prospect tourneys around the league already underway, I am going to summarize my background in one more post and then get back to the Oilers later today.

I moved to Alberta in 1984. It isn’t hard to see that loving the Oilers was going to be pretty easy. I followed the WHA since I grew up 120 miles east of Winterpeg, so familiarity existed….and they were a pretty darn good team. I watched in dismay as the upstart Oilers in 1981 beat my team….the funny thing was, they were like my team. Fast skilled and a treat to watch. And it wasn’t close, a 3-0 series win and the torch was beginning to be passed. The Islanders had their dynasty in full swing and in only a scant two more years, the Oilers were challenging against one of the best teams of all time.

After the first cup, I was hooked. Out west, you would get the inundation of passion for the Orange and Blue. I still maintained an allegiance to the Habs, and still do to this day. If the Oilers play the Habs in the finals one year, I am not sure who to cheer for, but the longer you live with the home team, the more likely they are going to get more of your cheers.

The similarities to the Oilers and Canadiens is extremely interesting to me. The dynasties, the history, and of course the styles of play have always been very close. If I ever had to move to Minnesota or New Jersey, I am sure I could carry my allegiances with me.

I love skill, talent and defensive hockey is the burden of those that choose not to compete at the highest level. They hope to win based on stifling the highest level. I loved Lemaire the player but hate the coach.

So now to the real thing. Hockey is here, or at least the start of it.


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