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Posted: September 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Brian Burke...dude or dud?

Ah our old friend Brian Burke. With the news today that he has waived veteran defenseman Matthew Schneider, Burke continues his tenure as the most overrated GM in all of hockey.

On Friday July 27, 2007, Brian Burke made many disparaging comments towards Kevin Lowe. Among them…

-The Penner offer sheet was an act of desperation for a GM that was trying to keep his job


-Run his team into the ground

As we all know, things often come out in the wash. Let’s take a long look at the bad moves of Brian Burke in Anaheim.

-Doesn’t qualify Penner (Which is why he could get an OS)

-Signs Bertuzzi

-Signs Schneider

-Has to trade away Andy McDonald for cap space

-Bryzgalov on waivers

-Bertuzzi on waivers

-Schneider on waivers

The Ducks are in cap hell, getting worse and because of bad signings Burke has to let assets go for free because no one will trade for them. Burke overpaid both Bertuzzi and Schneider and although some people believe in revisionist history, this is what the salary cap is supposed to accomplish, allowing for a level competitive field for everyone in regards to salary and free agents.

It is oft said that players won’t sign in Edmonton because of weather, well if they sign in Anaheim, they will get at least one of their few years then shipped off to whereever because Burke can’t afford to keep them.

Kevin Lowe ranted because of Burke’s incessant pot shots in the media at the Oilers’ boss and put Burke a little more in his place, although Burke’s parting shot was to suggest tampering on Corey Perry, (Lowe made a comment that if Burke couldn’t afford to pay him, Lowe would take Perry off his hands.) which amounted to nothing.

Burke on top of it all wouldn’t be a Stanley Cup winning GM without the Pronger fiasco to begin with.  When Pronger decided (well Lauren Pronger decided) that he could no longer stay in Edmonton, the final result was Burke having two of the best defensemen in the game.  Lowe would have been well served to take a lesser return and send Pronger east, alas the Ducks paid the asking price and their championship now history.

What I can’t stand about the whole thing, and even my own disdain for the megalomaniacal Burke is that it could have been as simple as Burke’s first tirade.  He rips Lowe a new one, Lowe shrugs and they move on.  That would be the professional way to handle things.  Instead, the “Fire Hose” shot off continuously for over a year until Lowe’s comments put an end to the public feud. (Well, since Lowe was attacking Southern California as a market, Bettman ended the feud.  I assume it would be allowed to continue if it was just a personal thing.)

So, now Schneider is on waivers so Burke can try to find a way to finagle Selanne into his lineup.  Looks good on Burke….very good.

  1. docweb says:

    I look forward to a new blog by someone with the perspective of having watched the “glory” years to wishing for “just one more”. I had the pleasure of having season tickets for a couple of years before and after the first Cup and now for the the last 6 so I share your timelines. Good on you for taking the time to put your opinion out there. Hope you have a thick skin!!

  2. slats432 says:


    Thanks for stopping by. I like most of the other blogs too, but I think that there is something to be said about people who have been fans for decades and have a long and deep passion for the game.

    I remember Lumley’s great goal scoring run. I remember watching Sittler pull the goalie out Crha?, and winning the game in the 76 Canada Cup in overtime.

    Our visions and support of the game are what pave the way for new fans and their perspective now gets heard because of it.

    I don’t worry about a thick skin, blogging is easy compared to the rest of life. 🙂

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