I think he just got Bobby Ryan’d

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Interesting this cap world.  I have only kept a cursory eye on the cuts for all teams, but here are some of the ones that I know of that are surprising.  Bobby Ryan, Karl Alzner, Dustin Boyd, (who has since been recalled), Darren Helm were all demoted for one reason or another besides being NHL players.

As Bob McKenzie menitioned here that for the first time, the rookie’s full cap number would be equated in to the team’s full cap number.   It sure makes a lot more sense to keep a rookie around at $875K than it does $2.875 M.  That being said being a cap casualty because your General Manager is in cap danger has to be disheartening for any young player.

Although Capitals GM George McPhee tried to soften the blow by saying that Alzner would be better off by a couple weeks or a month of top line duty in the AHL, it comes down to money and roster size.  If the caps had room and money, Alzner would stay up.

Darren Helm is another guy that got booted by the cap, and Marian Hossa.

The last and probably oddest that I have seen is Dustin Boyd.  One of the best Flames in preseason, he gets sent down to Quad City because of cap issues, until Rhett Warrener is put on waivers, then on LTIR, just so Boyd can be recalled.

Unlike those, the reverse cap happened to Robbie Schremp.  If there was no salary cap, I am sure that Roloson’s roster spot would have went to the skilled young player through trade.  And finally, Blake Wheeler performed well enough at camp so that a 40 point man in Peter Schaefer ended up on waivers.  Surely his $2.1 million could have ended up elsewhere.  By waiving Schaefer, Boston GM Chiarelli has himself a sparce $300K under the cap.

Oh how times have changed.

  1. PaperDesigner says:

    It’s a weird new world. The best way to stay in the league may be to take a salary hit on the type of player you are. If you’re a really good third line player who would get about 1.75 million, it might be prudent to take 1.2, as it increases your chances to stay in the league. I’d rather have a steady job at a bit of a pay cut than to constantly have to worry about getting sent to the minors to make cap room for another player.

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