Battle of Alberta…score one for the good guys…

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

So far it seemed to click after FCP took two penalties to change the momentum in Game 2.  The legs started to move and the momentum followed.  In Game three of the Oilers season, the effort was pretty consistent for the whole affair.  Although the Oilers counted on three PP markers for the victory, they carried enough of the play that it was a solid effort throughout.

Cole-Horcoff-Hemsky (B+)  It looked better tonight.  Understanding where your teammates are is a big part of it.  Cole was using his body effectively and it looks like Hemsky is rushing with speed.  They were a solid part of the power play and rarely spent significant time in their own zone.

Nilsson-Cogliano-Gagner (A-) Nilsson looked good, very good.  It would have been better, but them being caught for the first goal against where they were hemmed in their own zone, and were out muscled.  Cogliano was solid and Gagner generated some chances. 

Moreau-Pisani-Penner (B+) Physical, sound defensively, and strong on the PK.  Penner skated better tonight, and they were dangerous five on five.  Although the stats don’t show it, they were good all night.

Pouliot-Brodziak-MacIntyre (B-)

The only thing you ask of your fourth line is don’t get scored against, be a bit physical and generate energy.  The only player on this line I really liked was Brodziak.  MacIntyre played next to none but was a contributing factor on the Moss goal.  With one hit between them, no points and -1 across the board, this line leaves a lot to be desired from the Stortini-Brodziak-Glencross line of last season.

Souray-Visnovsky (A)

What is not to like?  Four points, a great PP, and…oh noes…Souray is hurt.  Well, it was fun for the first three games.  Hopefully Souray isn’t out for any length of time with what was said a knee injury.  I was thinking shoulder would be bad…very bad.  Small consolation.  They were good in their zone, and great in the offensive zone.  This game is what we had been salivating for since the Visnovsky trade.

Gilbert-Grebeshkov (B)

Gilbert has been under performing.  Hopefully he starts progressing soon.  If Souray is out for any length of time he will need to step up.  Grebeshkov is in the Souray and Visnovsky calibre of play right now with Gilbert being one of the worst Oilers.

Staios-Strudwick (B+)

Staios had a slow start to the game but really turned it up in the 2nd half of the game.  Strudwick is still playing a solid simple game and within his comfort zone.  Also took the time to stand up for Visnovsky after the Giordano hit.  Nice work.

Jeff Deslauriers (B)

If not for two softies, it would have been better.  The kid was probably nervous and made some nice saves.  He sure is big in the nets, but is flexible and fast.  But all in all, a win is a win.

The team is 3-0 and the optimism still abounds.  And they have only played 4 or 5 really good periods out of 9.  If Souray is just banged up, then life is good.  If not, then time to reassess.


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