The ball will bounce into Tambellini’s court…IF he is running the show.

Posted: November 30, 2008 in NHL, Oilers


Funny. This is a very telling picture as to what I was thinking when this post came to mind. Who’s call is it? Let’s just say that Mark Spector’s article in Sportsnet was very accurate and an unnamed veteran has suggested that a coaching change might be the best route to take after trade possibilities are looked at.

With Kevin Lowe in the background, the hiring of Tambellini, an outsider, as the GM, that would lend credence to the fact that Katz is not looking to perpetuate an old boys club that has emphasis on anything other than winning. That being said, Katz has been on record as referring to Lowe and MacT as friends. You find it a lot in business that people surround themselves with people they trust, and friends fall in that category.

Let me ask you a question….does the team look a bit stale to you? It gives off the impression to me, and sometimes a change in leadership can infuse a freshness that can spark a team.

I listened intently to the media scrum on 630 ched archives (Third link down) with the interview of Steve Tambellini. Thus far in 2008-09 he seems to have been eerily silent. Not a lot of talk with Tambo, not a lot of moves, seemingly in the background more than Bush is to Obama.

In the scrum, I sense that Tambellini is very politically correct, and talks as if they are a management team that he is part of, not the leader of. I get the sense that he feels like the coach is doing a reasonable job and that the players are the guys that should be held accountable for what is going on. Either that or it is the company line that he has been instructed to profess.

Until I see a move that gives the sense that Tambellini is running the show, this is still Kevin Lowe’s team and if that is the case, the coach leaving is the last selection on the list of multiple choices.


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