It is only one game, but a good one.

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized


Well, he wasn’t sitting last night. The amount of one liners on messageboards and around the water coolers about Rob Schremp was astronomical.

“Excellent, he should get about 3:42 of ice time and will play on a line with Stortini and Joey Moss.” -guy at the office.

“This makes no sense. They don’t even have Scott Ferguson available to play the other wing.” – Lowetide

All funny stuff, although those of us that felt like Jani Rita wasn’t given a fair shake weren’t really laughing. But, I am sure that Craig MacTavish swallowed hard, closed his eyes, and committed himself to let Schremp play 10 minutes and some PP time on the 2nd line.

The official line was 1 assist, 1 shot, 2 PIM, 14:53. It exceeded my expectation. So did Schremp’s performance. It reckoned me back to watching Jason Spezza before he was sent to the minors in 2002. Spezza looked like a guy that couldn’t find defensive zone coverage with a compass and road map. Sure he could dangle, but if your guy is open, or you consistently bump into your own guys in your zone, you need to get a clue before being on the ice.

Up to this point, I feel like management’s handling of Robbie Schremp has been pretty good. I think Robbie Schremp’s attitude towards his development has been pretty good. I thought he was one of the better players on the the ice, forchecked well, positioned well, backchecked well.

Granted I thought there were times where he wasn’t exactly in the spot I thought he should be in, and times when I thought he looked like he was watching the play, but I give him a B+ for the game, and expect that if this is his level of play and he is committed to improving, then he isn’t the guy that gets sent back down, Liam Reddox is. (Or if one of our two GM’s gets off their duffs, a goalie goes out so he can stay.)


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