Of Mice and Men

Posted: August 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just a quick post about Dany Heatley, the biggest villain in Ottawa and Edmonton on this side of the blueline.

Ultimately as I have posted on HFBoards.com Dany Heatley is exactly what everyone thought he was.  Selfish and consumed.  That doesn’t make him a villain.

He wants to work elsewhere.  That is fine, but the Senators selling him out by making his demands public, then leaking the players in the Oilers deal, or even the fact there was one, is the reason everyone hates Heatley.

If they would have just kept their mouths closed and dealt him, they would be in a far better spot right now.  Same goes for the Oilers that not only looked pretty desperate in trying to acquire him, also have to deal with their young players Smid, Cogliano and Penner whose psyche are damaged kn0wing they were no the boat out of town.

As some in the  media have mentioned, even the petulant Don Brennan who Dan Barnes roasted on Team 1260 on Friday, that Heatley probably just wants out of the microscope.   He wants to be a leader on the ice, but anonymous after the game when having a couple beer.

With his past, I don’t really blame him, and even at that, I wonder if there was a better way for him to handle it.  I am not sure there was.

  1. Hockey Noob says:

    Found your blog from HF Boards… Dany Heatley’s dreams of soft passes from Joe Thornton and a house with an ocean view have not yet panned out. The ‘strategery’ of Heatley’s camp does not seem to have been very effective on all counts.

    • slats432 says:

      Totally agree HN. As someone that has an understanding of PR, there are lots of things wrong with the idea of his press conference. I think that Hockey Canada prompted him to do that. They didn’t want Heatley being the story of their Evaluation Camp.

      What they did is paint him into a corner and made him look bad.

      What they should have done is have him do one of those preplanned, softball question, personal interviews, so he could direct where the questions could go.

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