Could we? Should we?

Posted: August 28, 2009 in NHL, Oilers, Uncategorized


Mike Comrie at $1.3 million.  That is the rumour. first, then a non denial from Dan Tencer of Ched (Credit lowetide), and a Ritch Winter “no comment”.  Speculation that the Owner is involved in this potential move.  If you are asking me, this plan is half baked if I have ever seen it.  Unless…it is a precursor to something else.

If this is a move by itself in a vacuum, I hate it.  We have a “number 1” centre in Horcoff.  We have TWO number two centres in Gagner and Cogliano.  We have two number four centres in Pouliot and Brule.  We have small centres….out the ass.  We have small forwards, soft forwards, all over the place.  Comrie isn’t the second coming of Theoren Fleury. (Well apparently Theoren Fleury is the second coming of Theoren Fleury…but that is another blog.)

So what could the motivation be to add a small 2nd line centre?  Someone else moving?  Suggesting this is a precursor to Heatley is marginal at best.  There are no signs that there is a heartbeat in this deal laying on the operating table.  It looks dead.  Someone other than Heatley?  Well, rumours did kick around about Kessel (But my foggy memory thinks that might have been on Eklund so my comfort with its validity is not that great.) but even if that was true, adding TWO small centres isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered.
If we were talking Manny Malhotra, we would all be doing a bit of a happy dance.  Blair Betts?  Nice to get some help on the PK.  But Mike Comrie?  Unless this has something else to it, it sucks as a move.  Period.

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  2. Hockey Noob says:

    Mike Comrie’s been signed at $1.125 million which is not a bad signing IMO–all things considered. I agree that another Smurf is probably the last thing the Oilers need right now, but at least Comrie’s a legit NHLer with decent hands on a relatively cheap contract.

    We can only hope that there’s some additional roster change that ensues. Clearly, Malhotra or even Betts would have been a much better fit based on our team’s roster holes and needs. Either way, we’re over the cap I believe, so something even if unremarkable like Nilsson to the AHL has to happen next.

    • slats432 says:

      He does have something many other Oiler players do not…the chance to outperform his contract. Oddly though, Tambellini on Ched sounded almost defensive on the signing… he was trying to spin it. Not good.

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