Odd times…

Posted: September 30, 2009 in General, NHL, Prospects, Uncategorized

2MontoyaCrawford02-24-07Among the many things that I and many other bloggers have talked about besides Robbie Schremp (I might have been the only blogger not inclined to devote ANOTHER full blog to Sugartits), are the interesting times.  I wish I had tons of time to go over them all but these are the things that I have found strange this preseason.

Malhotra signing on the cheap.  A cup is nice but $1.8 million vs. $700K is nicer.

Moore and Betts still unsigned.  I expect Betts soon.

Skoula signing cheap in Pittsburgh after a good year, two other camps in Florida and Columbus.

Players you expected to make teams waived…and young ones too…Lashoff, Bourque, Cal O’Reilly, Al Montoya, and now Corey Crawford (Who I think is better than our back up in Edmonton).  Of course many more have been on waivers but some of these young players are a surprise.

As for the Oilers, Reddox goes, along with Schremp.  At some point we lose either Pisani or Nilsson to make cap.  MacIntyre is still on a team with two guys, Stortini and Jacques that can fight.  Gagner is on the fourth line, and we still don’t have a shutdown/faceoff/PK centre on this team.

Yep…odd times.


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