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I love deadline day.  Yes, I took one of my few holidays to watch the combination of TSN (Dreger, MacKenzie, Miller, Dutchie, Duthie, Panger, MacT, Mr. Monster, Hodge, Farber, Simmons, Peca…and I think I might be missing one more guy…that is a lot of talking heads.) and the significantly poorer coverage of Sportsnet (Millard, McSorley, Roberts, Brophy..and maybe a couple more guys)

Whilst the coverage was good and thorough, there was much more they could have done with the coverage.  In a day where they are paying oodles of salaries to the talking heads, the things like the graphics showing teams as Sellers, Cap Space etc was a nice touch.  Ultimately this is where coverage failed.

Secondly, the interviews with team correspondents in arenas around the league was OK, but a little underwhelming.  My recommendation is to have a cameraman in a war room or two, and after a deal was completed, replay the last 15-20 seconds of one side of the conversation.  The thought Tambellini hanging up the phone and looking at the camera and saying…”Can you believe we just made a deal with Calgary?” would have been some great TV.

Sportsnet was incredibly dull, although they seemed to have trades as done before TSN, which to me seemed odd considering the breadth of insiders on TSN.  As we all know, Eklund got nothing.  Guys were twittering deals all over the place.

Another problem I had with the coverage was the talking heads were all suggesting how boring a day it was.  Well, it took them until after noon to decide to talk about pre deadline deals of Kovalchuk, Cullen, Phaneuf, Jokinen….not depth deals at all.  They kept lamenting that Wolski for Mueller and Porter was the big deal of the day.  Their job was to keep things going, keep them entertaining.  Whoever was producing the show receives a C- from me, because they should have their on air talent prepared for any posibility, including a slow day.  (Although it was only slow in superstars, not in volume of deals, and even still, as mentioned, the big names moved prior, not on deadline day.